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 Do you know what is the basic concepts of precision casting

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Do you know what is the basic concepts of precision casting Empty
PostSubject: Do you know what is the basic concepts of precision casting   Do you know what is the basic concepts of precision casting Icon_minitimeWed Nov 06, 2013 11:11 pm

It includes: investment casting, ceramic molding, metal precision casting, pressure casting, lost foam casting.

The more common is the melting touch casting: choose the appropriate investment casting investment casting materials; to repeat the dip coating molten mold and sanding process, hardened shell and dry; then melt within the melting mode, access to the cavity; baking shell to get sufficient strength, burn residual pattern materials,; cast metal material required; shelling after the sand to get high precision product. According to product needs or heat treatment and cold.

Casting Development

Also known as lost wax casting precision casting, precision of its products, complex, close to the final shape of parts, from time to process or very little processing on the direct use, so casting is a near net shape forming of advanced technology.

Ancient China: Prince afternoon tripod, copper cut-off, bronze lion, are a masterpiece of casting. 40 years since the 20th century, investment casting for industrial production, the half-century has been developing a faster pace. In particular, the rapid development of European and American countries. Now Casting for the aerospace, weapons departments, almost used in all industrial sectors, especially electronics, petroleum, chemical, energy, transportation, light industry, textiles, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, pumps and valves and other departments. China’s rapid development in recent years. Investment casting investment casting technology to not only produce small castings, and can produce large castings, the largest size profile Castings nearly 2m, while the minimum wall thickness less than 2mm. While castings have become more sophisticated, in addition to alignment tolerances, the parts can achieve high geometric tolerances. Investment Castings casting surface angle value is also getting smaller and smaller.

Obtained by various casting precision casting different initial investment and productivity are also inconsistent, the ultimate economic benefits are different. Therefore, to achieve more, faster, better and cheaper, they should take account of aspects. Response to the chosen method of casting a preliminary cost estimate to determine the economic benefits but also guarantee the high demands of casting.

iron casting foundry:
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Do you know what is the basic concepts of precision casting
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