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 Application of steel casting foundries in modern soceity

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Application of steel casting foundries in modern soceity Empty
PostSubject: Application of steel casting foundries in modern soceity   Application of steel casting foundries in modern soceity Icon_minitimeWed Nov 06, 2013 11:20 pm

Steel casting is a steel foundry that involves several special forms. cast iron steel casting used could not provide sufficient strength and impact resistance.

The project is an example of molten steel casting are: hydroelectric turbine wheels, forging presses, gears, the truck frame rail, valve, pump housing, mining machinery, marine equipment, and engine cover.

Steel casting foundries are generally divided into two groups: carbon steel casting and alloy steel casting.

Alloy steel casting is divided into two categories: low alloy steel casting and high alloy steel casting. Low-alloy steel containing alloy content below 8% and high-alloy steel has more than 8%.

Cast steel, cast iron can not be used to provide sufficient strength and electrical properties. hydroelectric turbine, forging presses, gears, the truck frame rail, valve, pump housing, mining machinery, foundry equipment and marine engine, steel foundry examples of high level.

Carbon steel casting and alloy components are a major carbon. American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) defines carbon steel as: 'is considered steel carbon steel casting when no minimum content is specified or chromium, cobalt, niobium, molybdenum, nickel, titanium, tungsten, vanadium or zirconium , or other elements are added to achieve the desired effect of league, when at least up to 0.40% copper, or when the maximum level set for the following any element of not more than that: 1.65, manganese 0.60 silicon, 0.60 copper. '

The long carbon steel casting can be used to refer to it is not stainless steel, which may include the use of carbon in the league. Performance with low carbon steel is similar to iron. As the increased carbon content, the metal harder and more resistance, but smaller and more difficult to weld. In general, the higher the carbon content lowers the melting point and heat resistance. Carbon content of the strength of steel production, because the carbon atoms within a network of suitable sites for the atom body-centered cubic iron. Interstitial carbon reduces confusion that with hardening effect in turn on the mobility of iron. In order to chaotic motion, the level stress is not high enough to require the confusion in order to 'break.

Henan Fotai Machinery Co., Ltd is a large-sized precision castings manufacturer, and after decades of pioneering efforts and technological innovation, our company has quickly grown to be the main production and export base of the casting and machinery industry in China.
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Application of steel casting foundries in modern soceity
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