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 Overview to cast iron gear you may be interested in

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Overview to cast iron gear you may be interested in Empty
PostSubject: Overview to cast iron gear you may be interested in   Overview to cast iron gear you may be interested in Icon_minitimeFri Nov 08, 2013 4:13 am

Gear are manufactured from a wide variety of materials,both metallic as well as nonmetallic.Tooth part of different kinds of cylindrical gear and bevel gear can be processed with precison casting,precison forging,powering machining methods and so on.

The ancient gear is made of wood or metal.And now cast iron is one of the most commonly used gear materals.Its low cost ,ease of casting,good machinability,high wear resistance,and good noise abatement property make it a logical choice.The primary disadvantage of cat iron as a gear material is its low tensile strength,which makes the gear tooth weak in bending and necessitates rather large teeth.It is widely used in the automotive castings,machine tool castings,iron casting tractor parts and so on.

Very ofthen the combiantion of cast iron gear and a steel pionion will give a well balanced design with regard to cost,strength,and wear.Cast-iron gear wheels require special attention when one of their teeth needs repair. Because the carbon structure and content of cast iron varies, if the materials fail, usually poor technique and choice of weld material are at fault. However, with the right precautions and techniques, the teeth can be welded back to the gear wheel at full strength, and the parts machined back to their proper proportions.

Cast-iron sealing devices using springs are commonly used in rotary vane steering gear.These devices have good wear resistance,long service life and maintenance-free.Finite Element Analysis of cast-iron sealing device includes contact analysis of metal materials effecting of fluid action.ADINA was used to carry on sealing mechanism of cast-iron sealing device based on taking Fluid-Structure Interaction(FSI) and contact analysis into consideration and the complex dynamic pressure metal seal with ability of automatic compensation is proposed and verified that it can enhance the sealing ability of rotary vane steering gear up to 10MPa and improve power density of steering gear which has important significance to improving controllability of ship.

gray iron casting:
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Overview to cast iron gear you may be interested in
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