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 Advantages to choose lost foam casting you should know

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Advantages to choose lost foam casting you should know Empty
PostSubject: Advantages to choose lost foam casting you should know   Advantages to choose lost foam casting you should know Icon_minitimeWed Nov 13, 2013 10:04 pm

Lost foam casting,which is also called mold casting,is emerging in recent years.Lost foam casting has unparalleled advantages.It gets high praise as'casting technology of the 21st century' and 'the green revolution of foundry industry' from casting circles at home and abroad.Therefore,lost foam casting manufacturers develop very fast.

The main advantage of Lost foam casting

1.The size and shape of casting is precision,good repeatability,with characteristic precision casting;

2.Casting surface finish;

3.Canceled the sand core and core Industry, eradicated due Coremaking lower core casting defects and waste caused;

4.Substandard tank,do not take mode,which greatly simplifies the modeling process,eliminating the result modulo,casting defects caused by co-tank and waste;

5.With no binders,no water,no additives,dry sand molding,eradicated because moisture,caused by a variety of additives and adhesives casting defects and waste;

6.Greatly simplifies the sand handling system,all of the sand can be reused,eliminating waste sand preparation and sand Industry and Industry;

7.Shakeout is extremely easy,greatly reducing the workload off the sand and labor intensity;

8.Casting no flash burr,so clean up more than 50% reduction in workload polished;

9.Set in an ideal location Riser reasonable shape, without typing,modulus and other traditional factors, reducing the casting internal defects;

10.Vacuum casting,more conducive to the liquid metal filling and feeding,improved organization of casting density;

11.Combination of casting,a box of pieces,greatly improving the casting process yield and production efficiency;

12.Reduces the processing margin,reducing machining costs;

13.Easy to implement mechanized automated production lines,production line flexibility,in a production line to achieve different alloys,different shapes,different sizes of castings;

14.You can cancel taper angle;

15.Use a metal mold life up to 100,000 times or more, reduced the mold maintenance costs;

16.Reduce dust, soot and noise pollution,has greatly improved the working environment foundry workers, reducing labor.Dynamic strength,dominated by male workers in the industry can turn out to be women-dominated professions;

17.Simplifies the process operation,technical proficiency of workers requirements greatly reduced;

18.The shape of parts without the restrictions of traditional casting process,the liberation of the mechanical design workers,making use of the part of the performance,you can freely design the best shape castings;

19.Reduce casting weight and production costs;

20.Simplify the plant design,investment in fixed assets can be reduced by 30 to 40%,area and building area can be reduced by 30 ~ 50%,the power consumption can be reduced by 10 to 20%;

21.Lost foam casting process is widely used,not only for steel,cast iron,more suitable for copper,aluminum, etc.;

22.Using the lost foam casting process,according to the melting capacity,the completion of any size castings;

23.Lost foam casting process applies not only to the simple geometry of the casting,more suitable for general casting difficult to start a more open border, multi-core,complex geometry of the casting;

24.Lost foam casting process can be achieved microseismic state casting,special requirements promoting the formation of microstructure,help to improve the intrinsic quality of the casting;

25.Mix in the dry sand casting,sand off easily, temperature synchronization,so you can make use of waste heat for heat management.Especially high manganese steel castings and heat the water edge processing solution heat treatment of steel castings, the effect is very good,can save a lot of energy and shorten the processing cycle.

stainless steel investment casting:
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Advantages to choose lost foam casting you should know
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