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 There is foundry industry issues to be resolved in China

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There is foundry industry issues to be resolved in China Empty
PostSubject: There is foundry industry issues to be resolved in China   There is foundry industry issues to be resolved in China Icon_minitimeWed Nov 13, 2013 10:04 pm

China is not only to about 17 million tons of annual production of castings ranked first in the world,become the world's big casting, foundry machinery products is to obtain one of the main methods of rough,is an important foundation for machinery manufacturing industry in the national economy occupies an important position.In many machines,casting weight accounted for a high proportion of total weight,engine 80%,65% -80% of the tractor,hydraulic parts,pumps and machinery 50% -60%.As China's pillar industries vigorously developing the automotive industry,the heart of the - key engine parts such as cylinder block, cylinder head,crankshaft,cylinder,piston,intake manifold,exhaust pipes and other eight pieces almost entirely by casting into the into;metallurgy,mining, power plants and other critical equipment needs major major quality castings;another of the national economy and people's living infrastructure also requires a lot castings,such as hardware casting,motor casting,and cast iron valves,water (gas) pipeline require high toughness of various sizes ductile iron castings.

To meet the 'low carbon economy' era,to achieve green development requirements,improve the competitiveness of enterprises, we must seize the following questions: focus on improving equipment utilization,improve equipment productivity and per capita labor productivity.Heating equipment,backward technology,manufacturing rough,wasting energy industry has become an important factor.Whether old or new investment in recent years,hydraulic machines, most of the low grade,low efficiency, energy consumption seriously.Therefore,we should increase the equipment renewal and transformation efforts, should pay more attention to forging digital technology.The industry in energy research,to strengthen energy-saving technologies,energy-saving materials and control technology development and application.Attention to corporate metrological work, statistical work,developed a convenient and effective metering equipment.

China's foundry industry mainly relies on cheap labor and domestic resources,even a lot of excess energy input to achieve.With China's rapid economic development,expanding domestic energy,resources, ecological environment growing constraint on economic growth,the development of the foundry industry is also facing a series of major challenges.If you follow the last extensive, high-growth,at the expense of resources and the environment at the expense of walking is certainly a dead end road.China has six consecutive years ranked first in the world's largest producer of castings position. However,China's foundry industry is facing energy constraints enhanced environmental safety pressure increases, the international foundry industry competition and the trend of strengthening intellectual property protection,China's big change from casting powers, to reduce energy consumption within five years 20%,the 10% reduction in emissions can only rely on innovation and improve the quality of employees,by establishing harmony and manufacturing philosophy,relying on the development of circular economy have hope.

automotive castings china:
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There is foundry industry issues to be resolved in China
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