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 The Improvement of Ceramic Sand Kiln Productivity

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The Improvement of Ceramic Sand Kiln Productivity Empty
PostSubject: The Improvement of Ceramic Sand Kiln Productivity   The Improvement of Ceramic Sand Kiln Productivity Icon_minitimeTue Aug 05, 2014 9:59 pm

Ceramic sand kiln, with the advantages of high-yield, high-quality, low-cost purposes, is mainly used in the ceramic sand production line, To improve the efficiency of ceramic sand kiln, which is the primary concern of each customer. Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. offers five for you to improve the methods of ceramic sand kiln for reference.

1. install ceramic sand rotary kiln host, do not adopt the the lofty low end of the fire into the fire-side tilt form of installation method, this method of installation can only accelerate the material flow to the distant fire end speed, reduce the material in the drum front-to-storage capacity, the entire drum after thousands publicity material board at the same time lifting, but the melodies of material a little. In addition, this design back to the installation and operation of causing unnecessary trouble.

2. do not use haydite kiln operations, not only to take downstream drying method, this drying method make slime saturated steam in the drying process can not be rule out, running the distance in the drum too long, so that the material and re-absorb water.

3. should be avoided 'reciprocating' material in the rotary calciner kiln cylinder body, so that the material quickly siphoned by the wind, so that the the drum material inside the storage is too low, reducing the dynamic and static war area of materials and hot air.

4. can not, in order to improve the yield of the dryer machine, while the length of the elongated cylinder, the diameter too large, so that it can not be fully utilized, resulting in heat loss and also increase the device area.

5. rotary calcining kiln is operated master drum wind speed, such as the wind speed is too low, make materials with dynamic and static hot air war efforts relaxation, reduce drying efficiency.

If you are interested in the circumgyrate kiln, you can contact or visit Hongxing Machinery:

rotary cement kiln:
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The Improvement of Ceramic Sand Kiln Productivity
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