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 How to Keep Rotary Cement Kiln Work Normally?

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PostSubject: How to Keep Rotary Cement Kiln Work Normally?   Tue Sep 23, 2014 2:03 am

Rotary kiln, as an important industrial machine, plays important role in various fields. In building materials industry, rotary kiln can be used to calcinate cement clinker as well as clay, limestone and slag dryer; in the production of refractory materials, using rotary kiln to calcinate raw materials could make its dimension stable and strengthen its intensity, and then processing-shaping. Depending on the materials, the rotary kiln falls into three types: the metallurgy kiln, the lime kiln and the cement kiln.

Blockage of the rotary cement kiln is in operation , the user sees the most common. Therefore, most customers may want to learn more about blocking measures to prevent the cement rotary kiln from surgery. Here are some tips that can help you a lot.

1. Before the start of a complete test kiln

We should examine the pre- heating system, to ensure its normal operation. It requires the user to do a comprehensive inspection and cleaning pipes throughout the system. Before opening the kiln , we should also check the gray valve to ensure that they can breakdown blocking and flexible working. If you need to adjust, we can rearrange the machine to avoid overweight and underweight problems, leading to abnormal equipment operation.

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2. Concerned about the stable operation

When the kiln temperature rise, we should arrange frequent ash valve into the process equipment to increase material. In practice, each client machine manufacturers should follow the temperature of the kiln to maintain the proper description and rules. Slowly operations play a key role in the actual production line.

3. The sealing system

In our open kiln, we should make sure all doors , flanges, valves sampling port and gray seal does not leak. When we deal with congestion problems, we should not forget the security check gate. Normally we would use firebrick kiln door closed set.

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How to Keep Rotary Cement Kiln Work Normally?
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