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 The Maintenance Tips of Powder Grinding Equipment

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The Maintenance Tips of Powder Grinding Equipment Empty
PostSubject: The Maintenance Tips of Powder Grinding Equipment   The Maintenance Tips of Powder Grinding Equipment Icon_minitimeMon Sep 29, 2014 11:01 pm

Powder grinding mill, also called powder machine, is designed by adopting advanced structure of similar products at home and abroad and bettering them in the industry. The powder grinding equipment has higher grinding efficiency and lower energy consumption, smaller floor area and investment than that of the ball mill.

Here Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. introduces the maintenance tips of powder grinding equipment:

1. the daily maintenance needs special attention. Prior to the formal work of grinding mill need to do a comprehensive inspection of the equipment, spare parts to see the equipment is intact, if found necessary and timely to loosen the screws tightened, otherwise the equipment running time may lead to more serious trouble, even personal safety accidents occur, threatening the safety of the grinding mill operator.

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2. When the milling equipment is completed, the need for proper preservation. General To store the device in a dry and ventilated environment, prevent rust humid environment, particularly at night and rain and snow cover to timely treatment to avoid the infiltration of rainwater and cause corrosion rust mine mill, thereby affecting equipment life.

3. Before and after the grinding mill work to promptly clean. grinding milling equipment after each job is completed, it should also be timely clean-up, including the bearing lubricant is added and residual metal trivial cleared. Clear finished until after a few minutes to ensure the cavity so that the device idle no residual impurities. Then the grinding mill bearing timely smear and add the oil, ensure that the next efficient production.

4. To do maintenance and replacement records. For the maintenance of the mine milling equipment needs regular timing, but also make a record, record the number of replacement parts and the replacement date, so as to contribute to the future summarize, in order to make the mine mill more efficient operation.

Welcome to visit Hongxing Machinery:

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The Maintenance Tips of Powder Grinding Equipment
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