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 Battle of the Network Sign up.

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Battle of the Network Sign up. Empty
PostSubject: Battle of the Network Sign up.   Battle of the Network Sign up. Icon_minitimeWed Oct 10, 2007 8:03 pm

Ok this place is a bit dull so I'll start the frist RP, I call Battle of the Network. It is a megaman battle network Rp if you could not guess. This takes place 50 years after megaman battle network 6. You can have up to Two Charaters Both with there own Net Navi. Here is how Things should go.


Operator Name:
Operator Nickname:

Operator Appearance:

Operator Personality:

Operator History:
Other Info:



Navi Name:
Navi Nickname:
Navi Type:

Navi Appearance:

Navi Icon:


Normal weapons:

P.E.T. Color:

Here is my guy:


Operator Name: Fredrick (Fred)
Operator Nickname: The Navi Tamer
Sex: male
Height: Average
Weight: Average
Location: Cyber city

Operator Appearance:
~Hair: Short Black
~Eyes: Green blue
~Skin: Normal
~Outfit: Wrap in a Muticolor robe

Operator Personality: Very plesent guy to others but in net battles a ruthless taction

Operator History: Fred devloped a pet to hold three netnavi's yet to make other navis
Other Info: Has a rock colletion
Quote: Wipe him out!



Navi Name: GeoMan
Navi Nickname: The rock
Navi Type: Humanoid

Navi Appearance: Gemstone like body With human face

Navi Icon: An emerald

Quote: Rock and Roll Man

Normal weapons: Head Cleaving sword of diamond

P.E.T. Color: Pale Green

Sign up now
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Battle of the Network Sign up.
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